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Fireproofing and firebreak, increased protection against fires.

Each year, more than 17,000 fires are reported in Quebec. Thanks to good fireproofing of the buildings, the fires are decreasing year by year and many damages are avoided thanks to the fire protection.

The company GDDQ wants to strengthen the safety of homes and commercial and industrial buildings by applying fireproofing agents on polyurethane spray-based insulation. Indeed, spray polyurethane is an excellent thermal insulator. But in contact with fire and extreme heat, this insulation can quickly catch fire and release toxic gases.

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your employees with an effective firewall!

The firebreak 15 minutes a vital protection!

Fire resistant 0%
Protection of insulating materials 0%
Protection of your building 0%

A firewall that saves lives!

Many structures and many elements are combustible and represent potential hazards for your building in case of fire. Wooden structures, steel structures, plastic materials, but also polyurethane spray, are particularly flammable elements. In contact with fire, spray polyurethane burns quickly and carries toxic gases very dangerous to your health.

To reduce the risk of fire and to obtain optimal protection, GDDQ complies with National Building Code standards and the requirements of insurance companies by applying a firestop on polyurethane spray.

  • Protect your insulation against the risk of fire and fire
  • Delay the flames
  • Increase the resistance of the insulation against fire
  • Reduce damage to your building as a result of a fire

Let’s not forget that firebreaks save lives! In addition, our firewall offers a resistance level of at least 15 minutes thus limiting the spread of fire.

Professional and effective fireproofing.

Although sprayed polyurethane is one of the best thermal insulators on the market, it has become mandatory to coat the polyurethane with a flame retardant. Indeed, if the polyurethane spray comes into contact with a flame or very high temperatures, it causes large fumes toxic to your health, which can go as far as causing a death.

GDDQ has your protection at heart, that’s why we always apply fire breaks for at least 15 minutes on your polyurethane spray. The flame retardant is applied with water directly to polyurethane surfaces sprayed with a spray gun that projects the product. Our 15-minute fire protection product is reliable, economical and offers long-lasting protection against fire hazards. This both saves lives and reduces the damage caused by fire. All residential, commercial or industrial buildings that use polyurethane sprayed as insulation are protected over the long term by the GDDQ firewall.

Have peace of mind by reducing the combustion of polyurethane spray in your building with GDDQ!

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