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Tiles and house coatings, asbestos roofs under surveillance.

The presence of asbestos is often underestimated or unknown for many homeowners. Yet, asbestos fibers can be found in many building materials, including: plaster, insulation, tiles and house coverings. Buildings dating back to before 1990 are more prone to asbestos-related hazards. Your roof is not spared.

Indeed, roof tiles and roofing can contain asbestos if your roof was built before the 1990s. To find out if your roof contains asbestos, you can count on asbestos decontamination experts GDDQ!


Asbestos removal of tiles and building coatings

Precise asbestos detection 0%
Removal of fiber cement tiles 0%
Protection and respect of your building 0%

What are the risks of asbestos on your roof?

At the time, asbestos was used especially for cement and fiber cement roofs. Indeed, asbestos offered a high performance when installing tiles and coatings. Thanks to its insulating properties and strong resistance, asbestos added value and quality to roofs

Nevertheless, asbestos fibers in the air have been shown to be a serious health hazard when inhaled.

  • Pulmonary and respiratory diseases
  • Cancers
  • Nasal congestions
  • Irritations of the throat and eyes
  • Asbestosis

In any case, if you are planning roof renovations, do not change your roof without first having your tiles and cladding checked by asbestos professionals. Indeed, if your tiles and coatings are handled while they contain asbestos, you will leave the asbestos fibers free and this can cause great consequences on your health.


How to control the presence of asbestos during a roof renovation?

In the form of natural mineral fibers, asbestos is not visible to the naked eye. It is even strongly discouraged to touch and move materials that may contain asbestos because of the inhalations it causes.

When planning a roof renovation for a home that was built before 1930, be sure to have your tiles and linings checked before doing your work.

In addition, if you are planning to resell your home, future buyers very often check that asbestos is missing from your roof. If your tiles and cladding contain asbestos, the purchase price of your home may be very affected.

By calling on GDDQ’s asbestos decontamination experts, your tiles and coatings are inspected with care and security. Indeed, samples and air analyzes are made and sent to the laboratory. Thanks to this, we are able to determine if asbestos is in your roof before your work. If this is the case, GDDQ puts your roof under negative pressure in the containment zone to totally eliminate the presence of asbestos, without posing any danger.

Do not take any risks by calling on asbestos removal professionals!


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