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The removal of vermiculite, eliminate the risks associated with asbestos!

Excellent insulation, vermiculite has excellent flame retardant properties and long durability. This is why vermiculite was used in many insulations in house construction before the 1990s in Quebec. However, vermiculite does not only show benefits. Indeed, vermiculite can contain asbestos. The latter is very harmful to health, causing many lung diseases when asbestos fibers are shaken and inhaled.

To find out if your vermiculite contains asbestos, you need to call on asbestos decontamination experts from GDDQ. Be vigilant and eliminate the presence of vermiculite!

Effective decontamination of vermiculite

Fire resistant 0%
Protection of insulating materials 0%
Protection of insulating materials 0%

How to know if vermiculite is dangerous?

Mineral in the form of small granules, vermiculite is known for its insulating properties and its popularity in new constructions before the 1990s. Present in the insulation of the attic, walls and floors, vermiculite can prove to be dangerous to the occupants of the building.

Indeed, vermiculite can contain asbestos. Asbestos is particularly harmful, vermiculite made of asbestos is just as harmful.

To avoid risk, you should not touch your vermiculite insulation. Indeed, vermiculite containing asbestos is not dangerous if it does not undergo any pressure of air, if it is not in the ambient air and if it is sealed in the walls and the floors. On the other hand, if the vermiculite is displaced, it represents a great danger for your health. Indeed, by moving the vermiculite, asbestos fibers are then diffused in the air and toxic inhalations take place.

Do not risk your health! Use experts in vermiculite removal to carefully move your contaminated vermiculite and remove asbestos fibers.

  • Building materials (cement, glue, paint, joint, plaster, bituminous concrete, road asphalt, felt, putty, insulation, etc.)
  • Thermal, electrical and acoustic insulators

Asbestos-containing vermiculite should only be handled by trained and experienced professionals to avoid any risk to your health. In the presence of asbestos, it is important to act quickly.

In addition, contaminated vermiculite can affect the resale of your home. Indeed, potential buyers are very knowledgeable about the risks of asbestos and frequently ask for in-depth analyzes of your home. In order not to reduce the selling price of your house, the total elimination of asbestos is required. If you also want to renovate, it is important to have your vermiculite insulation checked.

Unfortunately, you can not know if your vermiculite contains asbestos without a thorough analysis of your insulation. For this, GDDQ takes samples from your insulation and air tests to determine if your vermiculite contains asbestos. If this is the case, we proceed to the removal of vermiculite. For effective and safe vermiculite removal, we protect your environment from the spread of asbestos. We are implementing negative pressure containment zones to prevent the spread of asbestos in other parts of the home.

After performing the vermiculite removal in your insulation, we perform an asbestos air test to ensure the complete removal of asbestos fibers.

Vermiculite removal has never been so safe and effective!

The analysis of materials, a solution that saves lives.

Prior to construction or demolition work, this is the ideal time to analyze materials that may contain asbestos. Thus, if the presence of asbestos is detected in the materials, safety precautions will absolutely have to be applied so that the work does not represent any danger for the workers, but also for the occupants of the building.

Materials that may contain asbestos should be handled with care and with appropriate equipment. That’s why GCCQ recommends never handling materials that can contain asbestos without protection and without professionals. Shaking these materials can cause significant toxic inhalations.

To analyze materials that may contain asbestos, GDDQ samples materials. These samples are then sent to a laboratory specialized in asbestos analysis. Using microscopy, the laboratory analyzes the materials, detects the possible presence of asbestos and assesses the risks associated with asbestos fibers.

Thanks to this thorough, complete and reliable analysis, your construction or demolition work can begin under excellent conditions without endangering the health of workers or occupants.

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