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Spray polyurethane, an energy-efficient and energy-efficient thermal insulation

When building, renovating or expanding a home, this is the perfect time to strengthen your thermal insulation. With good insulation and proven expertise, you will preserve the value of your building while avoiding multiple problems such as water infiltration, mold, moisture, etc.

GDDQ offers its residential, commercial and industrial customers the installation of spray polyurethane insulation. This insulation is one of the best present on the insulation market in Quebec. This is explained by the undeniable advantages it provides, including:

  • Very high R value (R-6 – R-7 per inch)
  • An increase in energy efficiency
  • Resistance to temperature variations
  • Excellent sealing and insulation
  • Strong durability

Get energy efficient insulation today!

Thickness 0%
Resistance 0%
Durability 0%
Value for money 0%

Effective, durable and good insulation for the environment!

Expert in insulation, the company GDDQ offers the best thermal insulation solutions on the market, including polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Also called urethane, spray polyurethane is an excellent thermal insulator for your home or your commercial or industrial building. If you want to make lasting savings and increase your daily comfort, GDDQ installs polyurethane spray in your environment.

Highly efficient, powerful and versatile, this thermal insulation eliminates air infiltration and reduces heat loss, while strengthening the tightness of your walls. Polyurethane spray is your solution offering the best value for money!

Spray polyurethane is the most versatile insulation on the market with multiple roles: vapor barrier, air barrier and insulation. By choosing polyurethane spray, you select the most complete option for your insulation.

Being a very sticky and adherent insulator, the sprayed polyurethane marries perfectly all the forms, infiltrates in the cracks

It does not let any air infiltration pass through your building.

Spray polyurethane is applied to many substrates including steel, concrete, gypsum or wood

Spray polyurethane is applied to many substrates including steel, concrete, gypsum and wood and is installed in:


  • The interior and exterior walls of the building and in the foundations
  • The ceilings of the attic or attic
  • The floors
  • Basements
  • The crawl spaces
  • The window contours

Reinforce your thermal insulation by applying a durable and highest quality insulation with GDDQ.
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