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Mold decontamination, pressurizing your home to eliminate their presence!

As a result of water damage, water infiltration or excessive humidity in your home, molds appear and greatly affect the quality of your air. To continue living in a healthy environment without risk to your health and to maintain the quality of your home, you need a professional mold decontamination service.

Expert in decontamination, the GDDQ company intervenes in the houses to eliminate all the molds which represent a danger for you. In the form of microscopic mushrooms, only equipped professionals can intervene, without compromising your health.

Complete decontamination of houses

Mold in all rooms of the house 0%
Negative pressure 0%
Washers and dryers 0%
Kitchen areas 0%

Why should you quickly decontaminate your home?

When moisture appears in a home, it is often difficult to get rid of it, especially in hot, poorly ventilated rooms. Over time, this excessive moisture forms the creation of mold. Molds are mainly:

  • In the attic
  • In the bathrooms
  • In the kitchens
  • In washers and dryers

The presence of mold is accentuated during a water damage or water infiltration that maintains a humidity level higher than 50% for several days.

In addition to reducing the quality of the structural elements of your home, mold is harmful to your health, especially for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Mold causes health problems, allergies and breathing difficulties.

With a fast decontamination of mold, you will be able to live again in a healthy environment!

Why use negative pressure as a decontamination solution?

Although the mold is visible by its different black spots and smelly odors, spores emitted by mold are very little visible! Once inhaled, the spores are very harmful.

By calling on the services of GDDQ, your molds will be treated quickly and their propagation will be stopped. It is important that you do not act alone, as touching the mold could make your air quality worse.

GDDQ carries out a thorough and visual inspection of your complete home, whether in your bathroom, your attic, your storage room or your kitchen. With mold sampling and air analysis, it will be easier to identify the sources and consequences of your mold.

To permanently eliminate the presence of mold, your complete home will be put under negative pressure. All rooms in your home will be under containment and we will use an exhaust fan with a HEPA filter to create a negative pressure. This negative pressure prevents the spread of mold throughout your home and allows, subsequently, GDDQ to remove all your mold.

React quickly by contacting the GDDQ mold decontamination experts!


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