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Did you spot mold in your home? Molds are very harmful to the health of the occupants, but also very devastating for your home! That’s why you need to quickly hire a specialized mold remediation company in Pointe-Claire to remedy the situation.

For many years, GDDQ has been working in Pointe-Claire to decontaminate homes with mold problems. Available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, our team uses a high-pressure vacuum cleaner (HEPA) and applies antimicrobial treatments to eliminate all your mold. Call on our services today!

Presence of mold: Act quickly!

High humidity 0%
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It is important not to ignore the presence of mold in your home. In fact, molds are attracted by damp, hot and poorly ventilated places and are mainly located at the attic, the attic and the basement. Several causes explain the presence of mold: infiltration of water and air, humidity, inadequate ventilation, condensation, etc. Over time, the presence of mold intensifies and moves in all the living rooms of the house. Very harmful to health, molds cause many diseases.

Adequate samples will help you to ensure the good health and well-being of your loved ones.

The sampling for the purpose of detecting mildew can ensure the sustainability of your building.


We make every effort to ensure adequate mold removal. We always use the latest technologies developed.

To get rid of mold, it is necessary to call on professionals specialized in mold decontamination in Pointe-Claire. Above all, do not clean and do not touch the mold yourself, as this may make your situation worse. Decontamination experts have the necessary equipment and expertise to effectively and sustainably remove your mold.

Decontamination of the between-roof, attic and basement: A sustainable and effective solution

The between-roof, attics and basements are the places most exposed to the risk of mold and you are advised to remain alert to the odors, infiltration of water and the presence of moisture.

The between-roof and attic are both close to the roof. The latter is a protective barrier against the weather. But sometimes it happens that the coating is damaged, water seeps into the home, the soffits are poorly ventilated or the humidity is too excessive.

All these events lead to mold on ceilings, walls and floors. In addition to mildew, you may smell foul smells, curls or stains. In order to prevent the presence of mold, it is recommended that you regularly inspect your roof for any anomalies.

The basement, meanwhile, is located directly near the foundations. These can reveal cracks that lead to poor water tightness and infiltration. In the face of this excessive humidity, molds take place in your basement, damaging your walls, ceilings and floors.

With GDDQ, you benefit from a professional, reliable and fast mold decontamination service in Pointe-Claire. We put at your disposal an experienced team, as well as equipment of the highest quality to remove all your mold.


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