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Do you smell odors, find moisture or see condensation in your home? You may have mold on your walls, ceilings or floors! If so, you should quickly call on a company specializing in mold decontamination in Laval. GDDQ offers decontamination professionals 24 hours a day and 24 hours a day, who have the necessary equipment and expertise to eliminate all your mold! With a High Pressure Filter Vacuum (HEPA) and antimicrobial treatments, your molds are in good hands. Act quickly!

Why call on mold decontamination experts in Laval?

High humidity 0%
Bad air quality 0%
Poor ventilation 0%

You are strongly advised against touching or removing mold yourself. Indeed, you incur dangers for your health and that of your loved ones.

The best solution is to hire a mold remediation company in Laval to remove all your mold.

If you notice the presence of mold, you must act quickly because it is harmful to your health. Indeed, mold affects the quality of your living space and causes many respiratory diseases.

In addition, mold tends to appear directly on the walls, ceilings and floors of the attic, attic and basement. Mold causes nauseous odors and damages various elements of your home, which causes a loss of value of your home.

Adequate samples will help you to ensure the good health and well-being of your loved ones.


The sampling for the purpose of detecting mildew can ensure the sustainability of your building.


We make every effort to ensure adequate mold removal. We always use the latest technologies developed.


Also, mold is a sign of excessive moisture, inadequate ventilation, heat loss or water and air infiltration. It is important to act quickly before it does more damage to your home and harmful to your health.

GDDQ and his team are at your disposal at all times to intervene at your home and to perform your decontamination of mold in Laval.

The between-roof, attic and basement, favorite places for mold

Molds like moist, poorly ventilated and hot places, so mold is more common in the attics, between-roofs sand basements.

The between-roof is more prone to mold because of its proximity to the roof. Indeed, the roof is a barrier against bad weather, but if the roof is damaged, the attic is the first place victim of water infiltration, deficient ventilation or excessive condensation. If you notice unpleasant odors, stains or buckling, it is important to act quickly before the mold becomes larger.

Also located near the roof and the between-roof, the attic is also a place conducive to mold. In fact, the presence of water infiltration, poor ventilation or humidity is enough for the mold to take place in your attic. To avoid this, it is important to identify the anomalies present on your roof: presence of ice on the edge of the roof, absence of snow on the roof, damage to the roofing of the roof, etc.

The basement is also often subject to mold. As soon as cracks appear in your foundations, your walls are not watertight, you have water damage or the water stagnates around your foundations, you must act quickly before mold is lodged in your basement.

To fight against mold, you can call on GDDQ for all your mold decontamination in Laval. With an experienced team and high-performance equipment, we remove all your mold efficiently and sustainably for excellent air quality in your home!

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