Daily and final asbestos air test

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Daily and final air tests, increased monitoring against asbestos.

The presence of asbestos in a residential, commercial or industrial building is very dangerous for the health of exposed people. In the form of microscopic fibers often invisible to the naked eye, asbestos is difficult to detect without going through professional asbestos air tests.

That’s why GDDQ offers daily and final asbestos air tests, particularly during asbestos removal work and during renovations. Through comprehensive testing, you can learn about the presence of asbestos and its amount carried in the air. Live in a healthy environment without the presence of asbestos!

Powerful air tests for asbestos detection

Insulating materials 0%
Interior coatings 0%
Plaster 0%
Seals and walls 0%

Why should we eliminate the presence of asbestos in the air?

Very harmful to health, asbestos is not always visible and represents a danger for people who inhale the microscopic fibers of asbestos. Chronic lung diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer can occur years after exposure to asbestos. It is therefore essential to eliminate the presence of asbestos as quickly as possible in order to live in a healthy environment.Asbestos is mainly found in:

  • Insulators
  • Floor coverings
  • Joints
  • Plasters

It is strongly discouraged to touch materials containing asbestos, this could cause inhalations harmful to your health. Only experienced and equipped professionals can intervene in asbestos decontamination. GDDQ is composed of a team of asbestos decontamination experts who are able to respond to Health Canada’s health and safety standards.

When we take air samples, we provide detailed results of the samples collected at your home or office.

If an air sample contains asbestos, we evaluate the quantity in your rooms.

Why GDDQ performs asbestos air tests in your building?

Indispensable for identifying the presence of asbestos, asbestos air tests are a reliable and effective solution.

By carrying out numerous samples and numerous air analyzes within your building, GDDQ can eventually collect asbestos fibers using a pump and a membrane filter. Once the samples have been collected, GDDQ has them analyzed in the laboratory. Through these asbestos air tests, we are able to detect and quantify the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos air testing is particularly useful when you are doing renovation or disaster work in your building, buying or selling your building, or doing asbestos removal work. Asbestos air tests can also be performed after installing insulation in your building.

During your asbestos removal work, GDDQ accompanies you with daily as well as final asbestos tests. Thus, you can follow in real time the elimination of your asbestos. Also, at the end of the asbestos removal work, you can be sure of the removal of asbestos fibers through our final air test. It is then possible to do more monitoring of asbestos removal.


It is important to quickly identify the presence of mold at the attic, with:

  • Unpleasant odors, mold, dirt or alcohol
  • Black stains on walls, ceilings and carpets
  • Curlings at the wallsIf you notice mildew in your attic, you must act quickly! The spores present in the mold cause many health problems to the occupants. Allergies or breathing difficulties, molds are very harmful to your health! In addition, you could see structural problems with sagging your attic.Act quickly by calling on the GDDQ mold decontamination experts!

Contact GDDQ now.

You suspect the presence of mold at your attic? Do not take any risk for your health by calling on the GDDQ mold decontamination experts! Our team is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to intervene and to guarantee you a healthy environment. Contact us by dialing 1-844-518-9704.