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Cellulose, a natural and effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

In order to strengthen the insulation of homes and commercial and industrial buildings, GDDQ offers a service of installation of efficient and effective insulation solutions. Wishing to offer you optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, GDDQ uses cellulose.

Ecological and economical insulation, cellulose is composed of recycled newsprint fibers, as well as other biodegradable materials. By applying cellulose to the interior of your building, you eliminate thermal bridges and air leaks, while improving the watertightness of your building and reinforcing its soundproofing.

Have cellulose installed in your building by insulation experts!

Cellulose, an undeniable advantage

Acoustic insulation 0%
Powerful flame retardant 0%
Energetic efficiency 0%
Durability 0%

Economic, resistant and protective insulation!

  • If you no longer want to experience air leaks that make your daily life uncomfortable and dramatically increase your heating and cooling bills, consider installing quality insulation. GDDQ works with residents, businesses and industries with a professional and reliable installation of cellulose.Cellulose is one of the most popular insulators on the Quebec insulation market with a dual function: thermal insulation and sound insulation. In fact, a cellulose-based insulation combines the following advantages:Resistance to corrosion, humidity and insects and vermin
  • Soundproofing properties
  • Increased fireproofing
  • Good insulation for your health (low in VOC, odorless, non-toxic and non-polluting) and good for the environment (natural product)
  • High energy efficiency
  • Long durabilityIn addition to providing excellent efficiency, cellulose is an available insulation at an inexpensive and particularly affordable cost.


Installing quality insulation with cellulose reduces your electricity consumption. You save on your heating and cooling bills

In addition to being inexpensive, cellulose has sound-absorbing properties. You significantly reduce noise in your home or office.

Cellulose has increased fireproofing properties

A meticulous installation by insulation specialists.

With the large temperature differences present in Quebec, air leaks and thermal bridges are very common in homes and in commercial and industrial buildings. This causes real discomfort and contributes to the consequent increase in bills each month. To avoid this, GDDQ offers a professional and reliable cellulose installation service allowing you to increase your thermal and acoustic comfort in a sustainable and economical way.

When building, renovating or expanding your building, take this opportunity to increase the performance of your insulation. The cellulose insulation is available in two aspects: blown cellulose and pulverized cellulose. In the puffed form, the cellulose is applied dry and in small fibers integrating in the narrowest places. In spray form, the cellulose is mixed with water and a binder before being sprayed on the different walls of the building thus providing excellent adhesion to the product. In both cases, the cellulose is applied to the entire surface, without any joints, with excellent efficiency.

For good thermal insulation, GDDQ installs your cellulose at the roof level. For optimum sound insulation, cellulose is applied to ceilings. In addition, cellulose can also be installed at floor level and inside walls. On the other hand, cellulose will never be installed in the basement to prevent water infiltration.

Benefit from efficient and cost-effective thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the excellent insulation that is cellulose, as well as the expertise and know-how of GDDQ insulation specialists

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