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Analysis of materials that may contain asbestos, an essential security.

Made of microscopic fibers invisible to the naked eye, asbestos is a highly toxic mineral for people who inhale it. Causing many lung diseases, including lung cancer and asbestosis, asbestos must be quickly detected in your building to not cause inhalations harmful to health.

This is why GDDQ intervenes in residential buildings, but especially commercial and industrial buildings to detect the possible presence of asbestos in materials. Very present in building materials, asbestos must be detected quickly and permanently removed to no longer represent a potential danger in the environment. Ensure your safety with a complete analysis of your materials!

In-depth analysis of building materials

Before demolition 0%
Disaster restoration 0%
Building construction 0%

Building materials, the place of choice for asbestos.

During the 1930s to 1980, many houses and buildings were constructed with building materials that contained asbestos. Asbestos was particularly valued for its insulating, absorbent and flame retardant properties. It was only from the 1980s that asbestos inhalation was proven to be toxic and thus caused many cancers among construction workers, but also after residents. Any presence of asbestos must be detected quickly and be permanently removed from your environment.

  • Building materials (cement, glue, paint, joint, plaster, bituminous concrete, road asphalt, felt, putty, insulation, etc.)
  • Thermal, electrical and acoustic insulators

The presence of asbestos is the leading cause of work-related death. It is therefore essential to eliminate asbestos in all building materials.

The analysis of materials, a solution that saves lives.

Prior to construction or demolition work, this is the ideal time to analyze materials that may contain asbestos. Thus, if the presence of asbestos is detected in the materials, safety precautions will absolutely have to be applied so that the work does not represent any danger for the workers, but also for the occupants of the building.

Materials that may contain asbestos should be handled with care and with appropriate equipment. That’s why GCCQ recommends never handling materials that can contain asbestos without protection and without professionals. Shaking these materials can cause significant toxic inhalations.

To analyze materials that may contain asbestos, GDDQ samples materials. These samples are then sent to a laboratory specialized in asbestos analysis. Using microscopy, the laboratory analyzes the materials, detects the possible presence of asbestos and assesses the risks associated with asbestos fibers.

Thanks to this thorough, complete and reliable analysis, your construction or demolition work can begin under excellent conditions without endangering the health of workers or occupants.

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